Chineta Davis

Colorado Springs City Council

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HOUSING FOR FAMILIES Generational wealth through homeownership benefits our

families - let's grow our communities together

WATER SCARCITY We have a responsibility to ourselves and future children to ensure access to water and power so we must build and expand in a sustainable way

TRANSPORTATION As a former metro mobility and school district 2 bus driver, avid hiker and grandmother, I understand the importance of multimodal travel in our city

"I have gotten to know Chineta Davis and she and I agree on many issues facing our City.  She has been a tireless volunteer helping those at risk in our community and as a mother and activist, knows about many of our most difficult issues like Affordable Housing and Public Safety, first hand.  And yes, it would be good for our City to have someone from Chineta's background on City Council."  ~Richard Skoreman

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